10 things that I am grateful for on this happy birthday:

- my husband and our amazing relationship
- my friends and the connection we have
- my great job and colleagues
- being pain free and having great chances of staying this way
- being in the ARC and having my own Body Movement Hour
- my health and that of my family and friends
- having the trust and admiration of my SEO students
- having my own house and everything I wanted in it
- my steps towards a financial secure future
- myself for making all that above happen.

And 13 lucky decisions that I am very glad I took in the past 10 years:

- doing therapy and trying out different therapists
- staying in touch with relatives and choosing to forgive
- not rushing into having children
- medical checkups and prevention surgeries
- vaccines like anti-HPV, anti-UTI, anti-Covid
- prevention dentist checkups and teeth whitening
- checking and removing moles
- wearing very high SPF cream
- breast reduction
- IPL hair removal procedures
- learning how to style my natural wavy hair
- changing my names
- and getting an automatic car :))
Some might seem superficial but all had great benefits, health wise included. 

Life really can be great in the mid 30s.