I have read something interesting that said "there are no stressful situations, only stressful ways of perceiving situations". Kind of left me perplexed a little when I read it, but I thought about it and they're right.

I see it in different situation with other people. They get really nervous let's say if they don't find their keys. They start to think about how they'll have to break the door open or change the lock. They worry about someone already entering their house and stealing things.

That's a stressful way of looking at a situation.

I never worry like that. I always keep calm until I looked everywhere for my keys/phone/ID card, whatever it is I think I lost. And the object usually is in one of the places I am thinking it might be. So I never get stressed about it. I make it a priority and look carefully but I stay calm. No need to worry about it until you've really had a good look everywhere.

But there are situations when stress overwhelms me as well.

So I am writing this article to remind myself of the solution for keeping stress free:

Don't worry about things that haven't happened yet

And while we're on the subject let's enjoy some memes as well: