These days I felt less kind if not damn mad. I really was not nice to a couple of people and even though they might have deserved it, the feeling I had after wasn't nice for me either. 

I think that's because it's in our nature to be in harmony, and conflict ruins that for us. The world is what it is; unjust, faulty, "ugly with deamons" as we say in Romanian, but it's also beautiful in a lot of ways and I should spend more time focused on that.

Who I look up to the most are kind people, and the kindest person I can think of is Mr Rogers, so now I'm trying to delve into his life and spend more time in his vision of the world to help switch direction.

In his own words, Mr Rogers, Fred Rogers, was a man who talked with children on television and helped them feel as good as possible about themselves and about the people that they meet.

What a kid learns until he's 5-years-old will greatly influence his life, so what Mr Rogers did I believe is one of the most important things a man can do.

He was teaching children about life right when they were becoming capable of understanding more complex ideas and categorise the things they see and learn.

Seeing Mr Rogers, a kind patient man, right when they start imitating adult behavior, children who might have stressed parents / models other ways, learned the different way adults could be.

He was there every day, sometimes at noon and at night as well, with rhyming songs that taught kids emotions were mentionable and manageable, as well as many many other things in his thousands of shows. 

I think even adults would benefit watching his shows, to fill the gaps they might have from childhood. And of course I think there should be more people like him. If I knew more about kids psychology and the best way to raise them I would try to do a show on YouTube.

There already are some interesting ones I found, like Secret life. This show follows 4-5-6 year old kids, like a reality show, but also comments from those watching their behaviour. Most entertaining!