Ne-am asezat pe o banca si am vorbit despre fericire. Eu i-am povestit despre cum prea multe optiuni te fac nefericit si cum toti asteptam un final fericit in loc sa dansam pe muzica. El mi-a propus sa mergem la bowling.

Lejerica, zic. Bine ca nu m-ai dus Salsa. :)

Meaningful friendships, relationships, material goods, passions in life – they don’t cause happiness. They are the result of happiness. External conditions contribute to it, support it – it is easier to be content in a house than a cardboard box – but they do not cause it.

And this is the most beautiful thing, because the opposite is also true. When your mind is serene, when your thoughts are tranquil – even the roughest and most adverse surroundings can be enjoyable. And from there, everything you seek become so much easier.

Heal your own wounds, burn up your own suffering. Then there is no other choice but to be compassionate. Compassion is happiness.