Most of the girls are really not the gadget type and, don't get me wrong, that's a good thing. Boys have their things, we girls have ours. But we do have an Intermediate pride that makes us touchy when someone says that we can't do something technologically related. And busting on our balls will create the right kind of magic, that some of the guys just won't understand.

So let me tell you how to play with her..

While she's checking her email or writing something online, tease her about how slow she is with the keyboard. If you're at her place then you can bust on how she uses such an oldie browser, or an outfoxed anti-virus, or on her connection speed..

"Is that page playing hard to get with you?", "I hope your Norton isn't your single method of protection", "Is there someone in the other room writing those google answers right at this moment?" Make sure not to sound to arrogant, don't laugh at your own jokes and give her a kiss in between the fun lines.

If she backfires tell her she's just bragging and that you bet she can't do something as simple as creating a folder. She will immediately jump to prove to you that she can so now it's time to show her some Windows tricks.

Tell her "Ok. Create me a folder, anywhere you would like BUT with the name of CON". Miss Hi Tech will not be able to do so, anywhere Miss Hi Tech will try.

Tell her to open an empty Notepad file, type "Bush hid the facts" (without the quotes), save it as whatever and wherever she wants, close it and re-open it.

You can also tell her to open Microsoft Word and type =rand (200, 99) and then press ENTER. "See what happens if you're using old stuff like Norton? I could show you something much more powerful then that.."

BTW - If she takes what you say as something sexually related, you can bust on her the major way about how you are tired to be seen by women as just a piece of meat. Start saying things like no one seems to notice your personality and how they all want you for your physical appearance. Keep on going and accusing her to stare at your a** or whatever and how she is just like the others. Make it sound like she is after you..

Don't forget to Google the tricks explanations for the impossibility of naming folders as CAN, AUX, PRN.. , the Bush hid the facts oddity and the =rand () function . Now you know what to do when you see a girl in front of a computer..