To be a unique woman

1.In 1924
Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton hotel chain, flipped over a red hat that he spotted sitting five pews in front of him in church. After the services, he followed the red hat down the street and eventually married the lady walking under it.
(zice Leil Lowndes intr-un ebook)

2.At the beginning of this month, November 2007,
Patrick Moberg, 21 year-old Brooklyn webpage designer, was smitten by a beautiful girl in the subway so posted a drawing of her on a webpage in the hope that someone would recognise her. He called it

In less than 48 hours, Brooklyn boy had found his dreamgirl. He had some help. A story about his search ran in the New York Post. It became a typing point on other websites, and finally a co-worker of Camille Hayton's made the link.

"It was the flower in her hair.."

Patrick told the New York Post they were meeting for coffee this weekend. No pressure. Just 8 million people waiting on the outcome.

To be yourself around women

If you've ever asked a girl what to do to meet a girl, she'll probably say "just be yourself." You may think that means that if you feel nervous, and that you want to tell her again how pretty she is (for the 40th time) that you should...

But that's NOT what she means. She means to treat her normally...almost like one of your guy friends. If you're at the bar, and she asks you to get her a napkin...she's probably just asking to see if you'll jump through a hoop for her.

Don't do it! You wouldn't break your back to do that for one of your good friends...don't treat her differently. Just be yourself!

(Explained by someone who get's it)