Although I'm not as excited now as I first was when I discovered Steven Bartlett and the Diary of a CEO, (mainly because of guests like Jordan Peterson and other such men who think a woman only lives to have children), I have to give it up to Steven for having some of the most educational content online.

One very interesting podcast was the one posted recently where he discusses sales with Daniel Priestley. I liked the pitch ideas the clip below starts with (it's not the original clip, it's just one that contains the most captivating parts), but I loved how he explains the different mindsets.

In his words, you're either a reptile, on autopilot, or visionary.

Reptile mode is fight flight freeze. You freak out, throw tantrums, be angry at the people you should not be angry at. It feels unfair, it's like the world's against you. You hate everyone. Your IQ and emotional intelligence are also suffering when you are in reptile mode. My opinion on it is that it's like adolescence mode. You blame other people for your failures and bad decisions and become a troll that loves to hate on others, if not even wants to kill everyone. At this point, you need to stop putting lipstick on things in your life and get a good therapist, a good mentor, stop doing the things that got you there, and start doing the good work you've been avoiding.

Autopilot is to do what you've always done, repeat the past. Keep doing the same thing that you know it's not the best, but it has worked for you in the past, it kept you alive, it brought you some happiness, so you continue doing that. I would call this employee mode. And it's nothing wrong with being an enhancer, helping other people run their businesses and succeed, you have to learn and start from somewhere, but long term you're losing. It might feel comfy but the risks of something bad happening (someone gets sick, you get fired, technology changes everything, etc.) get higher and higher. At this point, I think you need a little more courage to fail. Try something different, see that you won't die and that you can actually grow. And very important, you have to figure out that it's all within. You already have the tools, you are just not seeing how you can use them differently. Get creative, get inspired.

Visionary mode is when you feel anything is possible. You feel very expansive, you think in long time frames, in 10-20 years out. You also might see the world as one small place. There are markets everywhere, there are opportunities everywhere. Any resource is just a couple of conversations away, there aren't a lot of boundaries between the resources on the planet. You feel a sense of love and compassion and optimism, and you become more influential. Visionaries can easily raise money and funds by finding the people with money and giving them a plan on how to put it to use. That's entrepreneurship, and if it's not working out that great for you, learn to pitch and sell better. It's all in the clip bellow:

I think it's no shame to recognize you are in reptile mode or autopilot in some aspects of your life. Some succeed in business or at their job, but make little effort in their romantic relationships. Some have great friendships, love to play and relax, but ignore their health problems. Use your skills to consolidate all your life's pillars.

BTW watching the whole podcast is great too, as the second story of Steven of how he used his visionary mode is even better. It shows, just like the Stanford experiment did, you don't need money to become an entrepreneur, you just need the right mindset.