I was watching a tv series I've been following for 20 years on and off. 

I thought it all ended when she married him. 

But after many years of marriage he died.

And she was single again.

She met an old love.

And it just baffled me how a story I once thought ended, suddenly restarted.

Cause what seemed like a definitive end was now far from that.

The lady I got my apartment from actualy had a similar story of living her life with her husband, then he died - stroke on the street, and a couple of years later she called her boyfriend from when they were young and now they are together again.

I am not saying I want to be with my old boyfriends again.

I am saying life can be long. Many things can change.

There is no real end until the very very end.

So if you're suffering because of an "end", maybe this thought will bring you a little peace.