3 Months Food Fitness Wellness Planner
I like to write practical guides about what I know the best. My first two books were about online businesses and online marketing (1st and 2nd edition). But since in 2019 I managed to lose more then 20 kilos which I kept off for more than a year already, I felt it was time for something in this direction.

So the result of my 2020 NaNoWriMo participation was a different kind of book: The Food Fitness and Wellness Planner. You can call it a 3 months planner or a 90 days food journal because it's 304 pages are designed to fit both needs.

I am convinced a 3 months food planner can transform your body, as well as help you figure out your good and bad habits, and connections between what you eat and makes you feel good, versus what makes you feel bad. 

But it's not just a food planner, it's also a fitness and wellness planner, with daily reminders of the things that could help you feel better, physically and mentally. The planner encourages you to try different activities in the 3 months to figure out which ones you love the most, and also keep track of things like sleep, meditating.

Every month you have a table to analyse the differences in your measurements and energy level, and between the daily pages you'll also find pages with my tips and tricks for the most common struggles, but also expert notes (written by my nutritionist - Emanuel Stanculescu). 

I am very proud of this 2020 accomplishment. It's my first book on Amazon and having now seen how the KDP system works, I think this might be just the beginning.

Happy New Year!