So I haven't yet told you how the Halloween trip to Bulgaria went, and we're already more than one week in November. But iiiiit's finally heeeere, the weekend when I don't have that much to do and actually have the time to post something on the blog again, so let's do it, let's catch up.

By the way, if you're like I've been lately and prefer watching YouTube clips better, here's the half an hour clip - just don't expect great cinematography:

So, first of all the weather was perfect. We left in a foggy Saturday morning from Bucharest, and enjoyed a whole weekend of sunny, warm weather, with splendid autumn views on the bulgarian roads. We were the first to get on the bus so we managed to occupy the seats with the best view.

Narcis, the Lost in Travel manager who organised the The Lost Halloween trip was very generous with the time he gave us when visiting touristic objectives or doing different activities, so even with my slow walk I was able to enjoy the trips to see the waterfalls, the caves and the Flintstones House.

Here are some photos from the day trips:

At Krushuna Waterfalls - Similar to Bigar Waterfall, just.. bigger :D


Devetashka Cave, with it's beautiful natural windows

In the lovely city of Lovech, with the wooden covered bridge

"God's eyes" from the Prohodna cave

Flintstone House

Plus the statues

In the beautiful Iskar-Panega Geopark

A shoot up sign?

Restaurant in a cave

Pleven Epopeea 1877

The Halloween party took place Saturday night in the Prohodna cave. Together with the rest of the group we've put on our costumes and left together towards the cave at 10-11 pm, lightening the way with our phones or headlights, bought earlier when we went by day to visit the cave and get used with the road. 

The costumes the other people had from the group were so good, we didn't expect that. We were initially afraid we will be the only ones with costumes, but man, did they deliver :D We had witches, and mummies, animal costumes, day of the dead costumes, Aladin and the spirit in the lamp! 

Here are some photos from the party in the cave: 


The shadows on the cave walls were my favorite part :D. Music and drinking started as soon as we arrived and it was fun, but it was getting colder by the minute so we didn't manage to stay too long. 

It was a great trip, so happy we booked it. Hope your Halloween was fun also. If not, next year let me know and we'll take you with us, pretty sure we won't miss going dressed up to a party any year :D