When I was little I simply found it funny how my father couldn't tell the colour of his shirts and how my mother had to guess what clothes he was asking for. Then, as I grew, it became more and more intriguing - how could he drive when he can't see the green or red lights? Can he see my mother's red hair? What does the world look like to him? What else can or can't he see?

So when I finally had the means, I did some shopping on the EnChroma website and bought him a pair of color blind glasses. Then I prepared a surprise party for him and my mother (both of them celebrating their birthdays at the beginning of July).

One Sunday I believe I invited them to have a walk through the Botanical Garden, where I secretly set up a table of sweets and champagne, and when they arrived I gifted each of them with a pair of glasses, only that my father's were a bit more special..

A friend of mine was there to film it all and did a beautiful clip so you can watch it also: 

After that we went to the mall so they can buy some new clothes in the colours they like :)