Why is it so hard for me to write a book? I mean.. writing this, and every other blog post, just jumps from my mind, onto the keyboard and into the screen in just a couple of minutes.

I know exactly the type of books I want to write. The style I mean. I loved the Bridget Jones diaries, I am a fanatic for Agatha Christie's books, and I have this idea I could replicate Harry Potter.

So why is this not easier?

Am I afraid to write the story?

Am I unsure of what I want to put into the world, as a message, with the book?

Do I have too little time to think about the plot and the characters and plan the chapters?

Do I know too little about writing fiction?

Is this just bad timing?

Is it all of the above?

Truth is I am experiencing an ugly burn out, and trying to write a book in a state some describe with "loss of creativity", "lack of productivity" and "inability to focus" might not be the best idea.

Alex had some great thoughts though. He suggested to sprinkle some fantasy over the reality I know: the forest and animals can be bewitched, the paintings on the houses can be magical, the bridge can be at a greater scale.. Some stories can even be included as they happened, and they are intriguing enough.

That could work. Plus I'd love making the villages famous, and get people from all over the world to visit my parent's museum.

Or should it be a Christmas story? I so enjoy the Polar Express and the magic of winter trains. And it's so cold in the winter, those beautiful decorations are what makes it bearable.

Should I write a book for kids? It's so important what you learn until you're 6. Plus we're all kids. Or for adults? Or both?

Or should I write songs? They are more similar to blog posts. Shorter I mean.

Should it be a Christmas song? Do I have an inner Hrusca in me?

Or maybe I should do a book mixed with clips and songs, something modern. Or just with drawings.

But before anything I should go to sleep. Sleep on it.

Maybe I'll get lucky and dream the whole book. :)

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