J K Rowling's plans - just because I needed a picture and someone else might find this interesting to see

Okay, so this is one of my complicated thoughts but I am trying to write it down, just because I am sure I'll find it interesting in the future when I'll read it again.

You know how when writers and other kind of artists talk about how no idea is new, they say that ideas are always recycled, and what actually matters is that you haven't done "it" yet?

I actually just saw this again in Big Magic this morning. But you kind of bump into it everywhere when reading about creativity and originality.

So what I realised today is how much the emphasis in this phrase is on the YOU part. I'll explain it in a minute.

I was looking at a great clip online on J K Rowling's writing process, done by a young writer and vlogger Kate Cavanaugh. The clip has been online since July 2019, so not even two months ago, but has almost 100k views.

I'm sure other people have made videos, and wrote articles, and well documented books on J K Rowling's method, that might have taken years to write. But I and 100k more people found Kate's clip.

Because generations differ and so does their taste in consuming content.

So the YOU is not just about your talent, not even about your passion.

The YOU holds a great power simply because the way you can do something today, which probably gives YOU the greatest chance of getting that idea in front of the people looking for it.

Because of all the things YOU know about the world today. And the world YOU are living in.

So if you were looking for a reason to do something and you had doubts about "it" not being a very original idea - it does not matter because YOU, the person living and reading this in 2019 (or whatever the year is when you are reading the article), haven't done it yet. :)