He is loyal.

He is loving.

He is open minded.

He is a good listener.

He is unselfish and patient.

He knows the big value of small things.

He is mature but still makes funny faces for me :P

He knows how attraction and pleasure work.

He has a life and goals outside of me.

He is well traveled/educated.

He cares about others.

He is a good cook.

He is funnier then smart.

He has more creativity then money.

He has more self confidence then worries.

He brushes away strands of my hair from my eyes and mouth.

He kisses my shoulders when I turn my back on him to go to sleep.

He puts a lot of effort to make me laugh when I'm feeling down.

He washes my hair and cuddles with me in the shower.

He sends me sweet nothings in the e-mail.

He hugs me hard when I'm jealous.

He moans my name.