Student learns love doesn't equal money

A first grade student at a senior high school in Jimo, Shangdong province, has been dining at a restaurant near his school for four months, in an attempt to woo the 29-year-old owner.

Zhang Feng, who is from a wealthy family, often treats classmates and they pick the most expensive dishes on the menu. To the surprise of the restaurant owner Xiao Zhao, 29, Zhang even gives tips.

Last week, however, Zhao realized she had a problem when the student gave her a cell-phone and necklace worth about 5,000 yuan ($685) and asked her to be his girlfriend.

Zhao has a boyfriend and told reporters she was unsure of how to reject the boy's advances without hurting his feelings.

China Daily

Ok, and when does it become interesting, funny or worth writing in a newspaper?

Am eu o vecina "Mirela de la parter" care imi zicea povesti mai tari ca astea cand ne dadeam amandoua pe bara din spatele blocului.

Pana termina Putty Jurnalismul si se angajeaza la ziar, ne plictisim rau.