Get up early to watch the sunrise (become a morning person)
Test drive a really expensive car
Salsa Dance
Watch a lot of movies
Go to a nude beach
Prepare to break a world record
Design my own tattoo
Have a business card made with my name number and a fake vocation: Like flight attendant, astronaut, race car driver, etc.
Hug a Panda Bear
Write a movie script or book
Build a fitness program only around fun activities
Ride the bike to work and school
Make friends with a cop and a Cora/Carrefour/Real/Metro night watch janitor
Make an entertaining phone answering-machine message
Play all board games ever invented
Hide little notes in the pockets of clothing They don't wear often
Bury a guy in the sand and give him breasts or bury a girl in the sand and give her "Extra" bits
Go for a skinny dip
Pick a few photos and make a calendar for my family and friends - OK (Lulu)
Take some fun photos and email them to someone unknown that lives far away

Tip: Life's funnier when you put a "in bed" at the end of each sentence. Start trying that with Chinese fortune cookies :)