To do 2008

Get up early to watch the sunrise (become a morning person)
Test drive a really expensive car
Salsa Dance
Watch a lot of movies
Go to a nude beach
Prepare to break a world record
Design my own tattoo
Have a business card made with my name number and a fake vocation: Like flight attendant, astronaut, race car driver, etc.
Hug a Panda Bear
Write a movie script or book
Build a fitness program only around fun activities
Ride the bike to work and school
Make friends with a cop and a Cora/Carrefour/Real/Metro night watch janitor
Make an entertaining phone answering-machine message
Play all board games ever invented
Hide little notes in the pockets of clothing They don't wear often
Bury a guy in the sand and give him breasts or bury a girl in the sand and give her "Extra" bits
Go for a skinny dip
Pick a few photos and make a calendar for my family and friends - OK (Lulu)
Take some fun photos and email them to someone unknown that lives far away

Tip: Life's funnier when you put a "in bed" at the end of each sentence. Start trying that with Chinese fortune cookies :)


Diana spunea...

totally wooow!!! ce lista super ai pus la cale. preferatele mele sunt cartile de vizita si pozele trimise la necunoscuti

b0gdan spunea...

And, of course, to write many posts on (in?) the blog...

Anonim spunea...

Deja ai inceput cu listele?:))

Corwin spunea...

Very fun list :) O sa imprumut din ea ca-i buna de inspiratie :)