I finally gave in and purchased a Netflix subscription (yes, in 2023, as the very late adopter I am). Here's a list with some of the gems I found so far through the new platform, and some others I saw in the cinema: 

TV Shows

All the Light We Cannot See: This miniseries depicts the story of Marie-Laure, a blind teenager in France, and Werner, a German soldier, whose paths cross in occupied France during World War II and who connect through a radio wave and show-personality they both followed and have in common.

Alpha Males: This 2 season spanish comedy series was hilarious. It explores the dynamics of gender roles and societal expectations, as four male friends struggle to redefine their masculinity and adapt to a new world they perceive as dominated by women.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: The quirky comedy (created by Tina Fey) follows the transformation of a woman rescued from a cult that kept her in an atomic bomb shelter for half of her life, since she was 15, as she (re)builds her life in New York, along with some other very colorful characters she meets. You wouldn't think so from the story line, but it's a very silly and refreshing show. It also has a lot of seasons, so if you like it, you hit the jack pot for a lot of fun evenings! (PS: I was reading "Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine" in the same weeks watching the show and surprisingly I found many paralells between the show and the book. So if you like the series you might alo enjoy the book - both are at heart stories about resillience.) 

Sex Education: This British series follows the life of a teenager, with a sex therapist mother, who opens an underground sex therapy clinic at school. Like in Everything now and Heartbreakhigh, it's all about teenager drama, but it addresses quite serious topics with humor, and the storylines are very engaging. We did not have shows this frank when coming to age, so in a way I feel they are filling some gaps and that's probably why I like this genre. (PS: If I am not mistaken, the main character's best friend is the new Dr Who.)

The Law According to Lidia Poet: This show is set in late 19th-century Italy and it's based on the true story of Lidia Poët, the first female lawyer in Italy. Forbidden from practicing law, she battles against discrimination and fights for justice for her and others wrongly accused that come her way. 

Maggie: The TV show follows Maggie, a young woman with newfound psychic powers and how she learns to cope with them. Truth be told I kind of forgot what it was all about, but I gave it a 10 on imdb so I must have really liked it. Sometimes I enjoy a little supernatural intrigue :)


A Haunting in Venice: As a huge Poirot fan, of course I loved this mystery thriller. Retired Poirot is convinced to attend a seance in post-war Venice. One of the guests is murdered, so the detective must once again unmask the killer (Venice pun intended). 

Arthur the King: A heartwarming movie, based on the true story of a man (portrayed by Mark Whalberg), competitor in an epic endurance race, his team members and a stray dog (which they name Arthur). If you love adventure movies or are an animal lover, even if the plot is very simple, I am pretty sure you will love it. (I am not crying, you are!)

Wicked Little Letters: A small town is thrown into chaos when a woman from a conservative family as well as other residents start receiving obscene letters. The loud and liberal Irish immigrant Rose is accused of the crime, and the movie follows the investigation of the case as it is made by a lady police officer (something pretty rare those days). I watched it in another language and it still offered plenty of laughs, so I think the English version might be even better.

Strays: This animation comedy follows the adventures of an abandoned dog that teams up with other strays to get revenge on his former owner. It was lots of fun to watch, and you could easily predict that even just by looking at the voice-over casting.

The Crime Is Mine: Set in glamorous 1930s Paris, this thriller follows the story of a young actress acused of murdering an older producer, and her lawyer friend. The press attention gets her quite the fame, and another actress wants a piece of it as well. The enigmatic script keep viewers guessing until the very end. I loved it, but I also watched it in the best setting possible, at "Elvira Popesco" - the French Institute's Cinema in Bucharest, so take the recommandation with a grain of salt.  

A Deadly Invitation: This dark spanish comedy has a very clever plot, with elements of crime and humor. Wish there were more movies like this!

Taximetristi: This Romanian drama follows two taxi drivers and their encounter with various clients over the course of a night, and the impacts those have on their lives and way of thinking. It's an outside of the bubble kind of movie, that shows the everyday struggles and stories of urban life. If you're a fan of Micutzu - the comedian, you might be persuaded to watch the movie as he stars in it.

If we have similar tastes in movies, hope you enjoy these findings and do share if there's any movie or tv show you think I might enjoy as well.