In the depths of the internet, on an old forgotten reddit page about cool websites that no one knows about, I discovered a game that changed the way I will ever interact with people.

Sounds like a big promise but just like every basic thing that once discovered starts to make sense forever, the little pieces of wisdom that the game teaches, will make you see human interactions so clearly, that I doubt you'll ever un-see it.

The game is called The Evolution of Trust, and it basically teaches you the math of trusting. In the big number of games that living on a planet with 7-8 billion diverse people offers, is it best to always be fair, and trustful, or rather to always cheat, and only look out for your own's interest? Or is there another solution in between? 

In the first part of the game you see why a safe solution would be to copy the other person's behavior. However they treat you, you could protect yourself by repaying them with the same kind of action: kindness for kindness, being mean with being mean.

But what happens if a miscommunication or human error happens, like it often does? What if a kind person, unintentionally does something you perceive as mean? What if a person makes a mistake, and you go onto copying their action? And then they copy yours? It becomes an eye for an eye situation.

So the game presents another solution: that of being a copykitten: Cooperate, unless the other player cheats twice in a row. Meaning: Trust. And if your trust is broken, have the courage to trust that person again one more time. And then copy. 

Playing the last part of the game you'll see how being a copykitten is the safest bet. Too trusting and you lose, too untrusting and you loose. But able to trust, then trust a little more and then copy, and you win. 

Win what exactly? A friendship, a business deal, a marriage. There are plenty of important things that way of thinking can save. So be a copykitten!

Btw, copykittens are apparently INFJs. Like me and my husband :)