Everything has a chance to change for the better as long as there is life. Poverty, hunger, education, equality, well-being, peace... there can be progress in every area of each global goal IF we are alive.

So the first injustice we have to solve is people dying without wanting or having to. And the most important practical things we can do in life that will help our fellow humans stay alive when they want to live are to:

1. Donate blood

Over 300,000 women die each year in childbirth and pregnancy and one of the main causes is severe bleeding. We need to donate blood so they have a chance to live. Imagine how much a mother who is giving birth wishes to meet her child, how much she wants to live. Without mentioning all the other sick people in the world who depend on blood transfusions to get well and recover. If not for them, think about mothers. Please let that number sink in, over 300,000 women a year. Donate at least a couple of times per year and you will be saving multiple lives.

2. Enroll in the stem cells donors data registry

Stem cells transplants are life saving as they help patients in crucial moments to recover after battling illnesses, but only 25% of patients that are in need of a stem cells transplant have 100% compatibility with a relative. It's usually a brother or a sister, but sometimes no one can be found and parents are so desperate that they try to birth another child so that the ill sibling can have one more chance to life. That rarely works and the cost for finding a donor in another country surpasses 100.000 euros, which can be a death sentence. But all around the world there are people with even higher compatibility than our own relatives. If only we were all enrolled in the registry and through a free simple blood transfer (that's one easy way the transplant can be made) we could save each other's lives. Find the registry in your country and enroll.

3. Do a genetic test so you know the risks you are bringing upon our kids

The awful "beta thalassaemia" that kills very young patients is a genetic disease the child inherits when both parents are carriers of the genes, and almost 2% of the world population has the gene. 2 out of 100 people. So if you wish to reduce the chances of bringing a child into the world that might not reach maturity because of inherited genes, find a genetic tests company you trust and purchase the service. You and your partner will just send them some saliva in a special tube and you'll get your health and ancestry results back in just a couple of weeks. Genetic tests are currently available at more and more convenient prices, with special discounts on mother and father's day.

4. Learn basic emergency skills

Do you know how to do CPR? Do you know the signs of a heart attack, a stroke or a concussion? Do you know what to do if someone has a deep cut or a broken bone? If not, then go straight to YouTube and look at basic first aid clips. You'll develop skills and instincts that might help save someone's life one day. Best half an hour time spent on YouTube ever. Want some more motivation? The life you will save is most likely the life of someone you love, because 4 out of 5 cardiac arrests occur at home.

What else do you think should be added to this list? If you'd like to, please add your suggestions in the comments section bellow.