When to go and where to stay in Barcelona (better than hotels)

The best place to stay in Barcelona is near Placa de Catalunya, as you are in the center of EVERYTHING touristic, and you have a direct connection to the Barcelona airports, and the Barcelona Tourist Buses, making your Barcelona experience very pleasant.

A great way to find a nice place to stay in Barcelona is through the airbnb website, using the map to narrow down the area where you want to stay. You can find very reasonable priced apartaments located right in the center of the city when booking with at least 2-3 months in advance.

Wondering when is the best time to visit the catalan city? Weather in Barcelona is lovely in May and June, as well as in early fall, September to October.  Buying the airline tickets 4 to 6 months ahead will usually help you get them at good prices as well.

Recommended Transport in Barcelona (and attractions Map) 

I strongly recommend purchasing a 1 day or 2 days ticket for using the BarcelonaBusTuristic. I at least found the Barcelona metro system a bit complicated. What you give extra for the bus tour you make up in full and more with the discounts they offer you for visiting almost every must see touristic location in the city.

As you can see in this Barcelona map the tours offers, the buses will take you to all the houses, parks, and other main attractions. The beach in Barcelona is also just a few bus stops away from the center. The ticket will cover the transport on all three lines: red, blue and green, and you can hop off and on whenever you wish.

Things To Do and Places to See in Barcelona (besides Sagrada)

Of course, Sagrada Familia and Park Guell should be on your visit list.


As well as Casa Battlo and Pont del Bisbe (the second one being located in the Gothic Center).


You might feel like you already know them from pictures, but there are many details you can`t see in the images.

Still, don`t forget to visit this surprising interesting places as well:

Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital

Originally built as a hospital for the poor, the work done by Gaudi`s professor turned this complex into one of the most beautiful set of buildings in Barcelona, serving the high purpose of healing people. Get the audio guide to enjoy all the stories about the hospital, such as those about the tunnels connecting the buildings and why there are P`s everywhere where you look.

Pablo Espanyol


Located close to Placa d`Espagna, this is no ordinary village museum. Its buildings, replicas of spanish houses from all over the country, separated by regions, house many local artists, local pubs and even a flamenco bar (pretty busy in fact, so book a place in advance).

The Spanish village is close to another beautiful place I recommend not missing out on: Placa d'Epagna.

Other Things To Do in Barcelona

Try out the Airbnb experiences - you can play with cats, have a brunch on the beach, learn different dances or simply discover the city with a guide. Just be sure to search and book experiences with at least 1-2 months in advance.