I might have found the recipe for happiness. The heart-filling roof-exploding happiness. And it isn't that hard to cook, though getting the ingredients might not be that easy.

1. First you need your tension to be low. (Hm, I think I finally figured out why some people meditate.) Lowering your tension is like buttering up the pot. Relax your muscles, clear your head.. And let's hope your body chemistry will work in your favour, because sometimes we feel bad just because of some weird chemical reactions in our body. If it all went well, you are now ready for the second step.

2. Catch a rhythm. Like the one of your breathing. (Oh yeah, it's all definitely connected to meditation.) It might help you have a repetitive sound in the background. You can use a relaxing train sound or something else you can find on YouTube. Something that repeats itself and makes you feel safe, stable. (I think that's why mothers swing their babies to sleep. I guess if you have a swing that would work to.) If you've managed to get this in the mix, now it's all starting to come together. Let's warm things up.

3. Now get excited. What's something that you like or wished for and could happen quite soon? Put some icing on your happiness cake by imagining how good that will feel. What will be those things that will happen? Aren't you lucky this will all be possible? Doesn't it fill your heart with pure happiness? Can you feel the happiness in your body, and even growing out of you? You just made yourself really happy. Enjoy, rinse and repeat!