This fantasy-comedy movie, originally named Le Tout Nouveau Testament, takes on courageously and humorously the subject of God living as a terrible human and father that enjoys suffering and has created a world full of it for his amusement. It follows the adventures of the little sister of Jesus Christ and the lives of her apostoles. As she meets each of them she can hear the music of their hearts. I gathered the songs in this article and also as a playlist, here.

Lascia ch’io pianga – Haendel

La Mer – Charles Trenet

O solitude – Henry Purcell

Il venait d’avoir 18 ans – Dalida

Le Rappel des oiseaux – Jean-Philippe Rameau

Tombe la neige – Adamo

La Jeune fille et la mort – Franz Schubert

If you've seen the movie let me know if you've enjoyed it.