The piece of news that announced me Google Reader is shutting down ended with a question: Are you sad to see it go? In a state of confusion I opened the full article to be sure I understood correctly. Is Google Reader, my favorite web organizer, really getting the axe? And, yes it appears to be true.. So in a few moments I was starting my own online outrage against this decision by going back and responding: Sad, you ask? No.. ANGRY!!!

Just to be clear, I am not one who fears change. I've let Google take away from me the Blogger Profiles which I often used to find bloggers with similar tastes in music and movies, I adapted to the new Blogger aspect and functionalities, I even started to give +1's to articles on Reader when this was the only option left, and I am getting accostumed to the new message composing aspect in Gmail.

But taking away Google Reader.. this, this is just too much! With all the opinions I've read so far I tend to agree with the ones that say Google is starting a dictatorship, losing sight of the corporate social responsability", of what people want and need and .. well, it's starting to suck look evil.

I have curently signed several petitions asking decision makers at Google to reconsider and #SaveGoogleReader. I have posted my call on every social network I'm active on and on Google+ - even though I feel I have been tricked to use it and hate it for that. And now I'm posting here, an English text on my Romanian blog, hoping that somehow my voice on this matter will be taken into consideration.

I believe in justice and I will not let someone destroy an important aspect of my online life because of a marketing strategy. I will at least put up a fight and, if Google refuses to do the right thing and leave our dear Reader alone, then there are plenty of other search engines out there and to hell with Google evanghelism. I am sure there are other products that have not forgetten to care about people.

To Google from A Reader