De dimineata ma gandeam, cum ar veni pe short run, la ce vreau sa fac in urmatorii zece ani, ca apoi sa aflu despre proiectul "Polaroid" si sa ma gandesc si mai serios la ce planuri am pt "in continuare".

Schematic, pana acum, am ajuns la concluzia ca as vrea lucrurile acestea:

- keep on doing the things I love to do
- desing things, invent something, do it my own way
- share my life's story and/or the greatest story I'll know through a book/a movie/a song/a painting..
- find people who's hearts beat at the same things as mine
- embrace the differences, learn from the people I meet and from the mistakes I make
- learn to feel and show more appreciation towards others
- learn more languages (Italian, Russian, Hungarian, sign language, body language..)
- become a great cook
- create a colorful "How to use the Internet" book for my mother
- help my father learn a foreign language
- pet a tiger and hug a bear
- eat olives in Santorini and to ski in Austria
- get my belly button pierced
- donate blood
- be a great biker/dancer/role model, promote healthy activities/food/life style
- learn to play Tiersen's songs and hopefully own a piano
- never get involved with a married man
- never lose my head, always use condoms
- to see some people again, if only just to remember how they smile
- sleep many many nights with someone holding me in his arms
- to love, make love and find true ever lasting love

Si pentru ca am simtit ca mi-a prins bine, mi-am facut ordine in ganduri, mi-am amintit niste lucruri pe care n-ar fi trebuit sa le uit, trimit mai departe intrebarea "What do you want to do before you die?" sub forma de leapsa spre voi, cei care ma cititi.

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