Players have the potential of the perfect men. Most of them are fun to be with and good in bed. I didn't check that study out :P, but I believe it. They tease you, they fill you with laughter and send you all these mixed messages that keep your mind focused on thinking about them (that's how love and obsessions are created), trying to guess if they really like you.

Players don't take any bs, they respect them selves and seem very self confident. They don't overwhelm you with cheap compliments, they don't try to "buy" you with gifts and payed dinners. Players have an interesting life and they let you miss them. They make you feel like you've met the most extraordinary guy and that makes you feel special.

Players have the guts to come up to you on the street and start a conversation/try to get your number/to set up a date. They seem cool and they know just the right thing to say.

Players give women what they really want by creating attraction. They always leave us wanting for more, not giving us everything we want. They make us feel a variety of intense feelings and we go after them because it is human nature to follow our feelings.


Players are men who are emotionally closed and who get involved in various relationships with women with no intention of committing. By never considering the girl they are dating/sleeping with as their girlfriend they never think that meeting/sleeping with other women actually means cheating.

The name player cames from the fact that these men play by the rules and also they play with your feelings and emotions. A desirable man is not egotistical and cares about others, especially about you. He is unselfish and patient. A player will test his skills on you, send you messages and do his best do get you in the sack.

An educated man will never offend you like players do while using cocky comedy. An accomplished man has his actions to speak for himself. A player acts in an arrogant matter somewhat funny that's trying to convince you he is awesome and of course better then you. You are no longer the prize near a player, you are the one who's lucky to get a date with him.

The funny thing about getting approached on the street is that the men who do it are actually not the ones you would really want to meet. Players have a booked number agenda and almost never appreciate someone to their real value. They don't deserve neither your time nor your virtue.

Players are a fake version of accomplished men. They are not loving, mature, open and ready for a relationship. And most importantly they are not loyal. Players are big fat lairs. Even their "self confidence" is based on white lies and selfhelp-ish theories. Players just like all men fear rejection and very few of them live the life they brag with.

The reason they are good in bed is not because of their abilities but because of the sexual tension they build before actually getting it on. They play the rules even in bed not knowing that leaving a woman wanting for more will tell her you are not able to satisfy her. But after he gets what he wants every player magically transforms into a "dick" so that won't even matter anymore.


I don't support players

When you're putting on the game - you're the one in control, you make the rules, you put the music, you stop it - you'd better be able to do the work for two and to have amazing reading people abilities because the biggest risk of all is actually meeting an extraordinary person who wasn't raised by dating gurus and by taking her power away you'll drastically reduce the relationships potential, transforming it into a messy obsessive confusing situation.

Translation: You fuck up your chances of having a real relationship with a special someone.

I don't support "not knowing the game"

You have to know it's rules so that you'll be able to beat a player at his own game or not to get involved with him. I personally prefer the first option. It's more fun. :)

The Game takes your mind of the other deep emotional questions you would think if not thinking of the game. Rather have fun, and be in control of the situation then lost, confused and insecure.

Translation: Every fair game needs more then one player.