Hey girls..

Have you ever notice how weird it feels when you go out on the streets after a sleepover? Maybe you slept over to a friends house or maybe you haven't slept at all (if you know what I mean). You're either tired cause it wasn't your bed or that you didn't get enough rest (if you know what I mean). :)

You're dressed the same way as yesterday.. like, people could look at you and know right away.. this naughty girl did not sleep home last night. :) You're shirt is all wrinkled, you're hair is a mess.. Outside \it's so hot that the the trees are whistling for the dogs but you carry around with you that umbrella you had taken, cause yesterday was raining..

Cause guys you know.. we can't leave an umbrella at your house. No no no no no no no.. Actually we can't leave anything at your house. You did that? Leave something at his house? BIG MISTAKE! You know why? Because THE RULES say so.

If you're a woman, THE RULES absolutely forbid you to do that. Rule 17: Don't leave your things in a man's apartment (That's why I now date only men with pitoresque houses).

All of you know the book THE RULES? Oh, it's a great book. It's the one that teached women to do "No more than casual kissing on the first date", "Don't call men and rarely return their phone calls"..

It's a fun fun fun book. The funniest rules in the book are probably the "Rule no 19: Do the Rules even when your friends or parents think you're nuts!" and "Rule no 23: Don't discuss the Rules with your therapist".

Although that last one always seemed a little strange to me.. But what do I know? The people in my office are seriously doubting my sanity after seeing me carrying around all day an umbrella and a sweater on a long-hot-with-no-sign-of-raining-summer-day. :)