The Wikipedia Tag goes as follows:

You're supposed to go to wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day only) and then:

1) List 5 events that occurred on that day
2) List 5 important birthdays
3) List one notable death
4) List a holiday or observance (if any)

So, let's see

5 events
-Einstein reveals his Theory of Relativity.

"Pune mana pe o soba fierbinte un minut si ti se va parea o ora. Stai cu o fata frumoasa o ora si ti se va parea un minut. Asta e relativitatea.' - Albert Einstein

-Charlie Chaplin releases The Tramp (poor tramp, how long was she locked in? :p)
-Last execution for witchcraft in Germany (I arrived and justice was made for the magic makers :p)
-Abraham Lincoln makes his last public speech (a greater public speaker was coming in this world)
-Apollo 13 is launched.

5 birthdays
-1755 - James Parkinson, English physician (d. 1824)
-1890 - Donna Rachele Mussolini, wife of Benito Mussolini (d. 1979)
-1930 - Anton LaVey, American founder of the Church of Satan (d. 1997) (now isn't that funny? :D)
-1981 - Alessandra Ambrosio, Brazilian model (well, yes, we do look a little alike :p)

and in -1987 - Joss Stone, the English singer

One notable death
1890 - Joseph Merrick, "The Elephant Man" (b. 1862)
foarte interesant, nu stiam ca e existat,
se pare ca s-a facut si un film despre viata lui

One holiday or observance
Juan Santamaría Day, anniversary of his death in the Battle of Rivas (State holiday in Costa Rica).

What about you? :)